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ACOS10 PBO2.0 EDEP Payment Card
ACOS10 PBO2.0 EDEP Payment Card ACOS10 - Ideal Solution for BankingPeople’s Bank Of China (PBOC) 2.0 EDEP standard. PBOC2.0 is a national standard in China, and is very similar to EMV2000.  ACOS10 received the PBOC2.0 certification after passing a series of stringent tests including electrical, mechanical, reliability and, secure command and transaction testing.   ACOS10 EDEP is propelled by the ACOS10 Card Operating System, which is compliant with ISO7816 parts 1-4 and allows users to write multiple applications in one card.  As such, ACOS10 card is the best choi..
ACOS3 Microprocessor Card
ACOS3 Microprocessor Card ACOS3 - Ideal Solution for Payment/LoyaltyACS develops smart card operating systems (ACOS) as its intellectual property. Developed by our dedicated team of specialists, the ACOS3 Microprocessor Card unlocks the potential of a smart card. It enables a single card to support various applications such as loyalty program, parking registration, network access control, public transportation, telecommunication, and electronic purse.   ACOS3 is specifically designed for highly secure payment applications.  Featuring a high degree of security, ACOS3 is..
ACOS3X eXpress Microprocessor Card
eXpress Microprocessor Card   The new ACOS3x eXpress Microprocessor Card is based on the ACOS3 platform, which has met recognizable success worldwide with its proprietary high security yet user-friendly file structures. It comes with the following superior features: • Triple-DES (3DES) Crypto-Engine Hardware • Faster processing time • Larger EEPROM memory size of up to 256 KB • Maximum support of 128 user files   ]ACOS3X contains a powerful microprocessor and is fully compatible with other members of the ACOS3 product line. Security via ACOS3X can t..
ACOS5-64 Cryptographic Smart Card
ACOS5-64 Cryptographic Smart Card ACOS5-64 is an advanced Cryptographic Smart Card fully compliant with ISO7816-1/2/3/4/8/9 and common criteria EAL5+ (chip level) specifications. It is specifically designed to enhance the security and performance of RSA Public-key cryptographic operations, which are essential in applications requiring smart card PKI, digital signature and high level security. With the CSP/ PKCS#11 middleware and mini-driver developed by ACS, the ACOS5-64 Cryptographic Smart Card can easily be used in both WINDOWS and Linux applications.  The ACOS5-64 supports t..
ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse Card (MAP)
ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse Card (MAP) The ACOS6 Multi-application & Purse Card (MAP Card) is a high speed and flexible smart card offering cost effective solutions. It is specifically designed to address the requirements of multiple applications and multiple e-purses with secure access hierarchy of multiple levels.   ACOS6 allows for multiple secure e-purses, which are suitable for a wide range of applications in government services, payment applications, online top-up, loyalty programs and more.   ACOS 6 provides a secure environment for each inde..
ACOS6 SAM Card ACOS6 SAM -  Ideal Solution for Security EnhancementThe ACOS6 Secure Access Module (SAM) is designed as a general cryptogram computation module or as a security authentication module for ACOS contact client cards— ACOS3 and ACOS6, and common contactless client cards—DESFire, DESFire EV1 and Ultralight-C.   The ACOS6 SAM card securely stores cryptographic keys and uses these keys to compute cryptograms for other applications or smart cards. Using this, terminals need not know the master key(s) of an application, whereas the keys never leave the ACOS6 SAM...
ACOS7 MOC Combi-Card
ACOS7 MOC Combi-Card ACOS7 - Ideal solution for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) The ACOS7 dual-interface smart card is an “All-in-One Card” that has been certified by the Ministry of Construction (MoC) standard in China. It addresses the requirements of AFC (Automated Fare Collection) applications and infrastructure projects worldwide, and can also be applied to facilitate secure and cashless payment in multi-application systems.    Compliant with ISO 7816, ISO 14443, and supportive of e-Deposit and e-Purse transactions, ACOS7 is an ideal choice for the world trans..
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Contactless Card
Contactless Card Contactless smart cards cater to many similar applications encompassed by contact smart cards, but allows for faster and more convenient transactions by eliminating the need for contact between the card and the reader. The demand and acceptance for this type of card is rapidly growing, with major deployments worldwide in applications such as micro-payment, physical and logical access control, government and corporate IDs, and automatic fare collection.   Contactless transactions are not as secure as contact transactions (due to transmission of data over the..
SLE5528 Memory Card
SLE5528 Memory Card ACS offers a variety of memory cards that may be used with a range of smart card readers/writers. These are the SLE5542 and the SLE5528 memory cards.   Features: SLE5528 is 100% functional compatible to SLE 4428 1K byte EEPROM Write-protect function Programmable Security Code verification logic All the memory, except for the PSC, can always be read The memory can be written or erased only after PSC verification After eight successive incorrect entries the error counter will block any subsequent..
SLE5542 Memory Card
SLE5542 Memory Card ACS offers a variety of memory cards that may be used with a range of smart card readers/writers. These are the SLE5542 and the SLE5528 memory cards.   Features: SLE5542 is 100% functional compatible to SLE 4442 Intelligent 256-Bytes EEPROM Write-protect function Programmable Security Code (PSC) EEPROM is organized 256 x 8 bit offering the possibility of programmable write protection for each byte Data Memory alterable only after verification of 3-Byte Programmable Security Code (PSC)    ..
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