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  Preferences   Preferences CCS-200 Manual Card Embosser Manual type Embosser CCS 200 - Financial Format: For CR-80 Cards, 5 Lines, ANSI       ..
CM-30 Manual Tipper The CM-30 Tipper is designed for low volume use in applying a single color to the top of the embossed characters on a plastic card. The tipping color makes the cards more attractive and easier to read. The tipping foil comes in easily changed rolls and is available in several colors the most popular of which are black, silver, gold or white. The CM-30 tips in a financial card format - where data is in the lower half of the card similiar to a standard credit card. To tip a card the operator simply places a card on the tray and presses down on the handle...
DC-150i  Factory Refurbished with Software
DC-150I Auto Embossing System Automatic Embossing System       ..
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